Messy Play

Class Overview

All our Messy Play classes are open to everyone and have been professionally designed to provide a child friendly, secure, safe, fun filled environment.

Class Details

 Class Length: 1hr approx
 Class Size: 30 Children approx
 Class Restrictions: Speak to Class Owner

 Babies from: 6 months – 2 yrs
 Toddlers from: 2 yrs – 5 yrs

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Introducing our Messy Play Classes

There is no better way to provide babies and toddlers an inclusive environment to develop their early learning skills and mechanical hand to eye co-ordination. Building inherent confidence through sensory tactile play, Messy Play encourages an increase in imagination and self-confidence.

We’ve all observed how babies and toddlers exhibit a vast enthusiasm to explore and investigate their immediate environment and are noticeably exhilarated when discovering the differences between solids and liquids, soft textures and tactile surfaces and through a mixture of sensory textures, substances and materials we can offer a truly safe unstructured, educational play experience.

The many documented and tangible benefits of Messy Play are further supported by the huge participation and uptake of today’s child focused parents. Giving your child beneficial sensory based learning experiences during their formative and development years is  the best possible start in a multi-sensory super competitive world… and best of all, IT’S FUN!!!

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