HappyART Class Overview

All our classes are open to everyone and have been professionally designed to provide a child friendly, secure, safe, fun filled environment.

Class Details

 Class Length: 1hr approx
 Average Class Size: 30 Children approx
 Class Restrictions: Speak to Class Owner

 Babies from: 6 months – 2 yrs
 Toddlers from: 2 yrs – 5 yrs

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Introducing HappyART Classes

HappyART provides child centred fun based development and learning classes. Through explorative learning and creative discovery, our activity classes have been designed to enhance primary cognitive, personality and sensory development.

“Giving your children the best opportunities should begin in their earliest and formative years”

Our Messy Play & Slime Factory explorative sensory and development play activities have been hand crafted to enhance and reward the inquisitive nature and personality of your child.

We encourage babies, toddlers and children from 6 months to 10 years of age to participate and benefit from our fun orientated activity based classes.

Our Birthdays and Events packages are the ideal core element of any celebratory party or organised day. By reflecting a preferred theme, we offer hands on creative arts and craft based sessions that will satisfy even the most reticent and reserved of children.

A fun day out can only be complimented by one of our Event Day packages ideal for 100+ guests.

Why HappyART classes are amazing for little ones

Not only are our classes brilliant fun, they offer endless creative and developmental benefits for little ones!

Self Development
Classes encourage little ones to have a positive attitude to new experiences while fostering their natural curiosities and building independence through choice

Physical Development
Little ones develop hand eye co- ordination, build fine motor skills and improve balance, poise and body control.

Creative Development
Classes allow little ones to foster their imaginations and explore colours and textures.

Mathematical & Language Development
Classes offer opportunities for counting, measuring, sorting, sequencing, mark making, and expanding vocabulary.

HappyART Class Overview

Happy ART offers brand new and unique art and messy play classes created especially for little ones from 6 months to 5 years.

Our classes offer a fun and stimulating environment for little ones to play, explore, create and learn and for parents and guardians to get involved and engage with their little ones without having to worry about the mess!

Creative Play

Classes combine free flow creative play with structured circle time. We strongly believe that free flow play offers numerous benefits and allows little ones to use and develop their creativity.

We know that all children are unique and individual and the layout of our classes reflects this with various activity areas set up for little ones to explore and enjoy at their own pace, resulting in a rich and happy learning experience.

Rather than having children sit still and create and end product, we encourage them to enjoy the process of exploring and creating as we believe that it is during this process that they truly develop their creativity.

Allowing little ones to explore in their own time and enjoy the process of creating also avoid placing any stressful expectations on the child and maximises learning opportunities.

Cognitive Benefits

Engaging in art and messy play helps little ones explore their surroundings and has numerous benefits including developing their co-ordination, communication and cognitive abilities, as well as their self-esteem and social skills – yet many parents are, understandably, reluctant to let little ones fully engage in such activities due to the mess involved.

Our classes let your little one (and you!) spend quality time together and enjoy the benefits of art and messy play without having to worry about cleaning up after!

A Safe Environment

Classes are framed around a different theme each week and are split into Baby ART (6 months to 18/24 months – depending on your child’s preferences) and Mini ART (18/24 months upwards).

Materials used in classes are safe and, where possible, edible. Class numbers are limited to keep the atmosphere relaxed so get in touch to ensure that your little one doesn’t miss out!

All we ask is that you bring along an old vest or old clothes and a towel so that you little one can get fully hands (and feet) on with the activities (we find aprons restrictive and want little ones to have complete freedom of movement to express themselves).

We also suggest that you wear something you don’t mind getting messy!

We have local venues close to you and are actively in the process of establishing a national network of HappyART class locations.

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